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N – Revue {R}évolution Seeking Submissions on the Theme: Manifesto

April 22 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

On this day of April 4, 2022, we are convoking “les états généraux de la Culture,” the Cultural General Assembly (C.G.A). 

Art and Poetry are in peril. Culture is under assault of intellectual and spiritual mediocrity. Art and Poetry are not helpless though; in essence, they are eternal Beauty, Knowledge, and Truth unfathomable, yet manifest. Before we convoke your physical bodies to the Art general assembly, we are convoking your brilliant minds and revolutionary hearts. You, Artists, Polymaths, Thinkers, Poets and Essayists, affirm, update, and enhance Culture. Share your thoughts with the world. Be a Beauty-Knowledge-Truth champion: submit your Manifesto!


  • A Manifesto is a thoughtful response to an unethical state of affairs
  • A Manifesto disrupts, not for the sake of disruption, but because a higher Truth, principle, or moral guides its expression

  • A Manifesto sets a new cultural era and influences Art and literature drastically
  • A Manifesto is avant-garde. It is an expression of genius, channelled by visionaries 
  • Vision is not reverie or denial of reality. Vision is utter intelligence, intuition, and time mastery



  • Submit 10 to 50 pages. Artists and Poets who write Manifestos are also thinkers. Inspired thought is not chaotic, rather harmonious. Let your perception of Culture challenge and elevate us . 
  •  Beyond argumentation and observation, Manifestos are artwork. Visually impress us.
  •  Submit a video reading of the first page of your Manifesto + a .doc or .pdf copy of the whole document for our review.
  • Your Manifesto can be a poetical manifesto, an artistic manifesto, a realistic manifesto, a myth manifesto, an environmental manifesto, a philosophical manifesto, a spiritual manifesto, or the complete’s Polymath manifesto. 
  •  {R} pays special attention to clarity, but also precision and beauty in thought, language, and artistic craft . We will not run away from complexity as long as your Manifesto solves it.

  • Revue {R}’s primary languages are English and French. We also accept Manifestos in Spanish, Italian, and German.


  • Keep your biography short and coherent. 
  • 500-650 characters will suffice. Your Manifesto will tell us who you are. Use Lettercount if needed.

Whether you are a poet, an artist, a thinker, or a polymath, Revue {R} is a review of deep thinkers who strive to channel Harmony; clarity, wisdom, beauty, and Truth manifest.

Au plaisir de vous lire!

The Editorial Team

Surprise us. Challenge us. Humble us. Impress us. Elevate us.


April 22
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Revue {R}évolution


Revue {R}évolution
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