Most events are installed on their deadline date, unless there is a long submission window or unless it's a rolling submission.

P=Poetry, N=Nonfiction, F=Fiction


P – Vallum Chapbook Award


Ideal submissions are well-crafted, fresh and edgy. They deepen our understanding of what poetry is and can be.


PFN – Halfway Down the Stairs, Theme: “Open and Shut”

Halfway Down the Stairs

How you interpret the theme is up to you. We like stories that grab us from the beginning, make us think, and keep us enthralled, as well as essays and memoir with a strong voice and a unique point of view.

PFN – Nat Brut Magazine: Blood & Water

Nat. Brut Magazine

English-speakers often say that “blood is thicker than water” when talking about the bond of biological families. And yet, for those who cannot survive by this adage, there is the echo of a longer proverb:  “The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.” This hidden inversion, offering the possibility of […]

P – The 2022 Montreal International Poetry Prize

Montreal International Poetry Prize

The Montreal Prize recognizes the craft, design, and aesthetics of the stand-alone poem. It emphasizes the space that poetry opens for insight, beauty, and wonder.