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PFN – Call for Submissions to Reckoning: creative writing on environmental justice: “All of this, right now”

September 22 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Reckoning 8 Submission Call

For Reckoning 8, we want thinking and writing about … this. All of this, right now. We want to hear about active resistance to the patriarchofascist, corporate-captured extractive state. Show us what it means that in order to build Cop City*, a massive facility intended to train a new generation of lethal enforcers into an institution directly descended from slave patrols, the state of Georgia and its actors must first level a forest and label protestors “domestic terrorists” as a precursor to murdering them. Help us understand how strategies of repression and control all over the world concentrate agency in the hands of the few at the expense of all other life. We are looking for work in opposition to a broad, insidious fascism that treats water, trees, and bodies as exploitable, expendable resources rather than sacred, essential components of our global, infinitely interconnected and interdependent web of life.

We are always seeking work from Indigenous writers and artists, racialized writers and artists, queer, trans and/or disabled writers and artists, and anyone, anywhere in the world, who has suffered the consequences, intended or otherwise, of dominant society’s systemic disconnect with and mistreatment of the natural world. And we’re seeking new ways to reach all of the above. Seriously, if you know of a way we can do that, please share.

We don’t publish ecofascism or work we perceive to be prejudiced in any form, including sexism, racism, ableism, ageism. We reserve the right to point it out—respectfully—when we see it, though we’re as prone to mistakes and misunderstanding as anyone else. Here’s a start on a list of what else doesn’t work for us.


Our interests in poetry tend towards the narrative, preferably with some thematic heft. We’re open to long poems, short poems, hybrid art/poetry, and all kinds of formalism.  Length: 0 – 10 pages (query for longer). Payment: $50 (US)/page.


The fiction we publish is mostly, but not exclusively, speculative. We appreciate surreal and experimental pieces as well as strong plotting, but prefer writing that doesn’t lean too far into pulp. Length: 0 – 20,000 words (query for longer). Payment: 10 cents (US)/word.

Creative Nonfiction

The essays we publish tend to be more creative than journalistic; we like at least a bit of narrative with our information. Length: 0 – 20,000 words (query for longer). Payment: 10 cents (US)/word.

Deadline for Reckoning 8 is the solar equinox, September 22, 2023.


September 22
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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