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PFN – Reckoning: creative writing on environmental justice Seeks Submissions on the Theme: “Oceans”

September 22 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm


We’re currently reading for Reckoning 7; the theme is oceans, and the deadline is September 22, 2022. Read the submission calls from editors Tim Fab-Eme (poetry)Priya Chand (nonfiction) and Octavia Cade (fiction).

To see what we’re looking for, try Reckoning 654321the interviewstwitter, or even LCRW 33.

The short version: creative writing about environmental justice. The fiction we publish is mostly, but not exclusively, speculative; the nonfiction is more creative than journalistic, the poetry tends towards the narrative, preferably with some thematic heft. The heart of what we want is your personal, visceral, idiosyncratic understanding of the world and the people in it as it has been, as it is, as it will be, as it could be, as a consequence of humanity’s relationship with the earth.

We are always seeking work from Indigenous writers and artists, writers and artists of color, queer and trans writers and artists, and anyone who has suffered the consequences, intended or otherwise, of dominant society’s systemic disconnect with and mistreatment of the natural world. And we’re seeking new ways to reach all of the above. Seriously, if you know of a way we can do that, please share.

We’d love to publish more work in translation! We’re currently open to considering writing in Spanish, French or Swedish for potential translation. For work already translated into English, we pay the same rate to both author and translator.

We don’t publish ecofascism or work we perceive to be prejudiced in any form, including sexism, racism, ableism, ageism. We reserve the right to point it out—respectfully—when we see it, though we’re as prone to mistakes and misunderstanding as anyone else. Here’s a start on a list of what else doesn’t work for us.

We’re no longer accepting submissions by email; queries are ok, though not necessary. Simultaneous submissions are ok. Multiple submissions are discouraged, except for poetry, where we prefer 3-5 poems or 10 pages, whichever is shorter, combined in a single document. Feel free to submit again after you hear back. Query for reprints. Length: 0 – 20,000 words (query for longer). Response time has ranged from one to four months and is slowest October – January as we’re putting together the new issue.

There are no fees to submit. Payment is 8 cents per word (US) for prose, $30 per page for poetry, art negotiable, minimum $25 per piece. Sample contract is here.

Submit your work via Moksha!

All of the above shall be subject hopefully not to too much change but certainly to clarification, evolution and adaptation.


September 22
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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