Most events are installed on their deadline date, unless there is a long submission window or unless it's a rolling submission.

P=Poetry, N=Nonfiction, F=Fiction


PFN – Creatopia Call for Submission for Summer 2022 – Retro

Creatopia Magazine

Summer just rolled up in a cool Retro vibe and is inviting us to take it easy and live a little! Share the Summer of your memories and dreams: lazing in a hammock, swimming, napping, fireflies, hot dogs, sandcastles and the endless warm sunny days.

P – Green Ink Poetry’s Deep Earth Collection 2: “Furrows”

Green Ink Poetry

We are looking for beautiful works exploring Furrows; fields and farming, working with (or against) the natural environment, traditional childhoods, countryside life and imagery around earth and growth are all interpretations of this theme we’d particularly like to see